Job Description of Area Manager

Job Title:  Area Manager


Job Code:

Revision Code-Date:

Reports To: Regional Manager North


Functional Responsibilities: Operations

Objective: To ensure operational integrity from all functional aspects.

Key Job Functions:

  1. To provide the superior customer experience consistently in terms of tangibles and intangibles.
  2. To coach and support all operations staff.
  3. Efficient cost management including rationalization of labor force.
  4. Ensuring implementation of corporate and franchiser programs and initiatives.
  5. Expense including sales budgeting for operations.
  6. Assignment and monitoring of tangible and intangible targets to restaurants.
  7. Ensuring compliance of issues reported and recorded by respective functions especially Quality Assurance Department.
  8. Generation of specified restaurant operations reports on timely basis to be shared within the corporate set up and with franchiser.
  9. Implementation and execution of all marketing and promotional activities.

10.  Training and hiring of labor force in conjunction with HR plan.

Recommended By:         Business Excellence Manager

Approved By:                   Chief Executive Officer

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