Nintendo NX: The Mock Up in pictures … realistic


You know Nintendo should announce or rather formalize the name and form of its next console (codenamed NX), in the coming weeks if all goes well. At least we all esprons. Meanwhile, watch-so these various and many mock ups happily illustrate this article.

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Difficult among the hundreds of labores versions more or less brilliantly, to navigate on the future (possible) design of the next Nintendo NX.

Still, some of them downright give rflchir as the possibility that they may be close to reality, seems tangible. Obviously we’ll know more in a few weeks (or months) since the secret seems to very well gard moment.

Unless during the period of the Tokyo Game Show … Anyway, in the meantime, here so see in our gallery below some pretty mock ups of Customers all over inspirs as each other, which come mostly from Reddit.

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