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Wii Classic Controller Pro coming to US in April

After visiting Japan for a while brought them Nintendo Wii Classic Controller Pro in the United States. It has two shoulder buttons and some DualShock-style handles. The controller comes in April in a package...

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Monopoly boards are now circular

It is a curious spectacle. What you see above is a monopoly board, it looks like a monopoly board. For 75th birthday, Monopoly, try something new. A bulletin board. And digital cash. There is...

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Online Vehicle Registration verification system Punjab

The online system of vehicle registration, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Pakistan. Now, all users can see their car registry entries Punjab and can easily be controlled by the information system management vehicles. The vision behind...

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USB Tape Express

The majority of us have stirred on to MP3s and digital music, but some of us may still give rise to old audio cassette tape collections, by means of breathtaking harmony on them. There...

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Cool WallPaper

Latest cool Wallpaper click here

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