PS4 Pro: Official specs unveiled and images of the console

You know now Sony has shown its next “updating” its PS4, PS4 called Pro, which will be launched on November 10 at a price of 399 euros. But the firm is also to unveil the technical specs of the console.

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Without further ado, and as we told you prcdente in this news , the PS4 will not embark Pro Blu-ray player 4K, as might have been expected, even if it will be able to capture 4K.

In the specifics of the console, which can consult this address in our gallery (in addition to the console pictures ) , 4.2 TFLOPS dlivrs is noted by GPU, and 8 gigabytes of RAM (GDDR 5).

The final dimensions are also prcises (295 mm (width) x 55 mm (height) x 327 mm (depth)) without forgetting its weight, which is 3.3 kilos.

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