Street Fighter V: The last fighter comes and knocks on video

Street Fighter V promised six new playable characters supplmentaires 2016. After Ibuki, Balrog, Alex, Guile and Juri, here time as to put it all last well-known followers of Street Fighter III: Second impact


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This is the very musuculeux Urien will be grafted to the roster of Street Fighter V during this September. Rather class in his suit three parts, the vice president of the Illuminati and Gill’s brother had already made its appearance in Street Fighter III: Second Impact. At the time, he voluait briefs.

Times change. But his aggressiveness rest, as you can see in the trailer above and the images in our gallery below . He does not hold his punches and he is really good, Urien.

No release date yet for the arrival of this reinforcement. Perhaps at TGS that Gameblog cover for you from September 15 to 18?

Street Fighter V is available on PS4 and PC.

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